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Pub Quiz Team

My pub quiz team is called the Tina Lockwood Fan Club. This loose aggregation of dimwitted dunces can generally be found at the following pubs in the Crawley area ...

You are welcome to come and join us - we need all the help we can get. Also available for guest appearances in your quiz if you are short of teams or just want to make the others look good.

TLFC Roll Call

Jon Rose - Team Captain (it's my pen, after all)

Dave Evans - Why are there no accountancy questions?

Stuart Rushton - No, it can't be my round

Rebecca Philips - who nose?

Andy Mitchener - comes with Rebecca

Darran Yarnton - The Fortune Cookie Man

Eileen Kennedy - burn baby, burn

Dave Oldmeadow - comes under Eileen

Clive Johnson - loaned from 'The Scumbags'