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Swan Rogues Gallery - Page 2

Stuart's Picture
Stuart has had his hair cut since this picture was taken (girlfriend pressure one supposes) so I can't call him a long-haired layabout any more. If he ever buys me a drink I'll write something nice about him.

Dave's Picture
Dave "The Equalizer" Evans - notorious accountant, bridge player, cricketer and pub fighter. Once started a fight with six youths outside the pub at 2.00 am thus ranking him alongside the great "Fighting" Freddy Flint and "Battling" Ray Goodman. A rarity among men, he doesn't drive.

Darran's Picture
Darran . Formerly manager of a sex shop, now Britain's largest manufacturer of Fortune Cookies . He's married to Julie Turner who was the drummer in the all girl rock band Rock Goddess.

Steve's Picture
Steve Austin - the 6 million Lira man from Down Under.

Gordon used to be in submarines.

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