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My Car

Citroen Xantia 1.8 LX - L972 RWV

The Xantia (pronounced Zantia) was introduced to the UK market early in 1993, replacing the 10 year old BX model. It is available as either a 5 door hatchback or station wagon with a range of petrol or diesel engines driving the front wheels. All models are built at Rennes in Northern France.

Suspension is the unique Citroen gas-oil system available in 3 configurations ...

All engines are tranversely mounted driving the front wheels.

Braking is by discs all round. The front brakes are powered directly from the high pressure hydraulic reservoir. The rear brakes are driven from the rear suspension circuit so that rear end braking is proportional to the weight being carried at the rear.

L972 RWV
Body Style 5-Door Hatchback
Engine Petrol. 4-cyl inline SOHC 8V. All alloy with cast iron cylinder liners
Capacity 1761 cc
BHP 103
Gearbox 5 Speed, manual
Suspension Standard
First Registered 28-Aug-1993
Mileage at 29-Mar-1999 175,547

Things I like about this car ....