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Jon Rose's Webpages

Start off in the personal department where you'll find out all about me (complete with dodgy pictures), my car, and the UnKool Korner. After that you'll need some refreshment so head over to Pubs & Beer which gives you the lowdown on my local pub, The Swan, as well as pub guides to Crawley and Sussex, and reveals the mysteries of the Ale Trail.

Time then for some steam trains with a visit to the Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway and a peak at some of the locos designed by Oliver Bulleid. Then you can take home a few souvenirs from the downloads page .

There's a heap of Other Stuff" including Container spotting (really!!), Asscons for Email, and recipes for the non-slimmers like me! Also a links page to free stuff, search engines, and other peoples personal web pages.

You can mail me with any comments or questions or tell the whole world what you think in my Guest Book .

Happy journeys, peaceful days.