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I checked all these links out once-upon-a-time. Let me know if there are any problems with them. I don't have any commercial connections with these guys - I just find them useful.


My web pages are hosted by Tripod who offer 11mb of space for nowt. Good file management tools and easy upload through your browser. I promoted my site to the various search engines and lists using Olav's Submission Script and Self Promotion .

I use Find Here for url redirecting and email forwarding.

There's a huge list of sites with free webhosting, email and software downloads at Tigerherbs ; however two that I find really good are Free Index and No Nags . Some of the stuff you download from the web or even get from pc magazine cover disks is time limited ie it only works for a limited period. You can find patches or "cracks" to overcome these using the specialised Asta La Vista search engine.

On a lighter note you might like to check out Screen Saver Heaven and Font Addict .

Multiple Search Engines

You type a single query then these guys farm it out to several well-known search engines and collate the results. Good for simple queries.

Single Search Engines

UK Travel Information

Fur-Trimmed Parka Time

Helpful Advice


Other Stuff