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The Swan

1, Horsham Road, West Green, Crawley, West Sussex

The Swan is a Whitbread managed house; in their parlance it's called a 'Beer Engine' - I guess that means the emphasis is supposed to be on beer (debatable). It's widely thought that there has been a pub on this site for about a hundred years. Prior to being accquired by Whitbreads it belonged to Brickwoods Brewery.

It could be best described as a no-frills, locals pub. There are two bars - the public bar being about three times the area of the lounge. There's also a so-called childrens room with juke-box, fruit machine and pinball machine. The 'garden' is completely paved but nicely done out with plants. Children are welcome.

The pub is open all day every day - food is available Monday to Saturday at lunchtimes only. There are generally 6 cask beers available, though it's hard to say what will be on at any one time but it will probably be from this list - Flowers Original, Flowers IPA, Gales HSB, Fullers London Pride, Greene King Abbot, Fuggles IPA, King and Barnes Sussex plus one or two 'experiments'. Boddingtons Mild is nearly always available direct from the cask.

Regular weekly events include:-

You should visit this pub if you enjoy :-

You should avoid it if you are :-

Finally a few words for dogs. This is one of the few pubs in Crawley where you can bring your owner. But if you don't behave yourself, Master is likely to be on the receiving of a few choice words.

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