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The Swan Bridge Club

We meet at 3.00 o'clock every Saturday afternoon at The Swan . Our objective is to play contract bridge for fun while drinking copious amounts of of alcohol. The whole thing is very unstructured. We don't have permanent partnerships. Play continues until we're either too drunk to continue or just lose interest - sometimes this means we're still playing when the pub shuts and the landlord has to throw us out. Here are some snapshots of the guys (and gal) ...

Stuart - long haired layabout, Abdul - steam boiler draughtsman, Derek - Rolls Royce Dart engine specialist. This was taken in The Hovercraft bar in Calais.

Dave The Ledger - Accountant

Andy and Rebecca
Andy - radioligist, Rebecca - student nurse

Darran - Europe's largest manufacturer of fortune cookies (really!)

Yours truly

Bob Catt
Mr Robert D. Catt - 'honeycart' to his friends

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