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Hi there. Thanks for dropping in. That makes you visitor number . Let me tell you a little about myself .....

I am a freelance computer programmer. I was born in central Scotland of English and Polish parents (some mix, eh) but I now live in the town of Crawley which is close to London's Gatwick airport in the south-east of England.

I spend a lot of time in pubs drinking beer. You can read about some of my favourites here. I also enjoy cooking and playing bridge (in the pub!). For excersize I go walking in the countryside around my home, making sure that I can stop for a few beers along the way. Occasionally I indulge my lifelong interest in steam engines with a visit to a preserved railway.

Every man, so they say, has his cross to bear. Mine comes in the shape of a a teenage daughter - check out the UnKool Korner. Later she's going to do her own site called "My Dad's a Dinosaur". One moment of pleasure then .....

Use the navbar on the left to get around the pages. If there's anything here that you'd like to discuss I'd be more than pleased to get an e-mail or an entry in my Guest Book .

This picture of me was taken on the Palace Pier in Brighton.

Jon's Picture

Bon Voyage and Happy Surfing!