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Freebie Website Stuff

These webpages are hosted by Tripod who give you 11mb of space for free. To give you an idea, all my pages and photos take up less than 30% of that. You only get one allocation per email address - I'll leave you to figure out how to get more. They also do hit counters, page stats, guest books etc. It's not bad for nowt and you can upload through your browser - no FTP required.

You might not like the URL that you end up with so check out Findhere . Basically you end up with you own second level domain name such as or which redirects browsers to your real url. They also throw in email forwarding as well from anyname@yourdomainname.

A little help is always welcome so check out Tucows or Free Index for free downloads of HTML editors, etc. Don't forget to virus check anything thing you download.

The final step is to get yourself noticed by promoting your website's URL to search engines and indexes. Free Index (see above) have a list of sites but I found Self promotion to work pretty well and it contains lots of tips to improve your search engine rankings.