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The Swan Bridge Club

It all started one day down the pub when my friend Darran asked "Does anyone know how to play bridge?". Well, I did and thus the monster was created. At first there were only four of us. Now it's out of control. Everybody wants to play. And it's addictive - as soon as we have a foursome together the cards come out.

The scheduled meeting is at 3.00 o'clock every Saturday afternoon at the pub. We generally play for 1 penny for 10 points - hey, on a good day I can win as much as 1.50! The whole thing is very unstructured, without permanent partnerships. Fancy a game? Just turn up and we'll try to fit you in.

Here's some snapshots of the guys.

Stu/Abdul/Derek Abdul - steam boiler draughtsman, Stuart - long-haired layabout, Derek - Rolls Royce Dart engine specialist. This was taken in The Hovercraft bar in Calais on a club outing..
Dave Dave The Ledger - Accountant. Our best player
Andy and Rebecca Andy - radioligist and his girlfriend Rebecca - student nurse. Beccy and I like to play together !!
Darran Darran - Europe's largest manufacturer of fortune cookies (really!)
Steve Steve Austin, the six million (Australian) dollar man - all spent on his mouth !!
Me Yours truly, the man who created the monster!!